Loan without Installments, the Opportunity of a Lifetime Loan

 The annuity loan is one of the preferable solutions when, in the third age, there are no other guarantees outside of a property owned. CrizzyCredit proposes “Loan without installments”, in which, as required by law, the loan will not be repaid on a monthly basis but at maturity, together with additional interest and charges. As the term itself life annuity says, the loan ceases with the death of the obligor and the eldest among the coobligated (in the case of joint account). More exposition at


Features of CrizzyCredit Loan without installments


Features of CreditZone Loan without installments

The maximum amount that can be requested is 00 350000 (but CrizzyCredit reserves the right to disburse greater amounts if it deems suitable guarantees) but cannot exceed 50% of the appraisal value of the property. At the time of stipulation a property insurance will be activated against damage from fire and explosion. The tan is determined by the IRS plus a spread that can range from 3% to 4%, the preliminary costs reach up to 600 euros maximum. Among the ancillary costs: Appraisal charged to the customer, 100 euros for the release of the authorization to sell the property, 100 euros for Mortgage Renovation and the same for the consent to its cancellation.

The early termination penalty is calculated on the residual capital and consists of 5% if the repayment takes place within three years from the start of the loan, 3% between the third and tenth year, 1% beyond this period and before the thirtieth year. Beyond this date the extinction does not provide for penalties. 

Who can request CrizzyCredit Loan without installments

Who can request CreditZone Loan without installments

The loan can be requested by all those who have reached the age of 65, have a property owned (with a value of over 100,000 euros) where they have residence and live continuously. Although it is not a finalized loan, there are exclusions on the intended use of the capital: it cannot be used to purchase or renovate other properties, finance the work activity of the obliged party, speculating on the financial markets.

MEI Loans: Understand How the Process Works

The registration of MEI – Individual Microentrepreneur is an increasingly frequent option for Brazilians who wish to leave the informal sector. It is very common today to take notice of someone who has formalized a small business, tele delivery or handicraft or other activity. Brazilians are becoming more and more entrepreneurs.

And to assist in this endeavor, the loans to MEI can boost your business and give that little hand at the time of the tightening. Check out our post and understand how the process works!


How to get a loan for MEI?

How to get a loan for MEI?

1. Banking Institutions

Basically it is possible to obtain loans to MEI , through banking institutions, however you will have to prove to the bank that you are able to afford the installments of the requested amount.

In addition, it is essential that the documentation of the MEI is current, the banks usually request the following documents:

  • Certificate of Condition of the Individual Microentrepreneur (CCMEI);
  • MEI personal documents (RG and CPF).
  • Proof of residential address of Microentrepreneur.

2. Online loan providers

Nowadays it is possible to obtain loans for MEI , on the internet, where the amounts are credited as personal loans. So you can invest money in your company, or venture.

This type of negotiation usually offers some advantages, such as:

  • 100% online process;
  • Low interest rates;
  • Possibility to invest the credit in your company or in personal matters.

So you can use an individual credit to leverage your business. There are operators that work with or without consignment, you can choose the best option for you.

3. Microcredit

It is a credit line used for smaller amounts, and therefore offers loans to MEI with less bureaucracy. However it is important to emphasize that responsibility must always be considered, where planning is essential for credit to be well applied.


When to apply for loans to MEI?

When to apply for loans to MEI?

The loans for MEI are excellent opportunities for anyone who wants to see their business grow. But that should be used with caution, or you could end up contracting debts that your venture can not afford.

So always make good planning and evaluate whether the loan credit will actually help your business grow. Ponder the pros and cons and assess whether the loans to MEI are viable for your business.

See options in which it is feasible to request a loan for MEI :

  1. Broadens your business (production)
  2. Invest in more modern equipment and machinery
  3. Paying debts of the business and keeping it in the market (important to assess whether it is worth saving the business, the loan, in addition to taking the company out of the difficulty needs to bring return);
  4. Expanding the company fleet
  5. Seize market opportunity;

If you have a microenterprise and are thinking of taking out a loan for MEI , keep in mind that credit needs to help your business grow. So before anything else analyze the current situation. Often adjustments in the company’s planning are enough to make the profit bigger and the loan unnecessary.

Don’t Use Credit Cards to Pay for These 5 Things

Credit cards have become a payment option that is often chosen in order to ease the burden on buyers. Payments made in installments every month of course will help buyers to set aside money little by little for the items they want to have. In addition, the credit card payment function is of course useful if there is a 0% installment promo or other promotion that makes goods cheaper if paid by credit card. However, it turns out the option to pay by credit card is not entirely correct. There are a number of errors in using a credit card that are generally done because of paying things that are not right. The following are a few examples:


Swipe Cash

Mistakes in using a credit card can be found in cases of cash swipes. Cash swipe (gestun) is the process of withdrawing cash through an ATM made by the credit card owner. Owners of EDC machines / merchants offering gestun services will usually swipe your card and make you make a transaction. Later, you will get cash in accordance with the credit limit that you have. Of course this practice will still charge interest on every cash swipe transaction you make. The current cash swipe practice has also been banned by the Government in anticipating irresponsible debt habits so that credit becomes problematic. This practice is also vulnerable to use by irresponsible parties by money laundering.


Using a Credit Card for Daily Expenditures

Swipe Cash

Don’t use a credit card to pay for daily expenses. If you often think that there is no harm in using a credit card for small things, then you should change that way of thinking. This is because often you don’t realize how many bills you have accumulated for these small payments. Even if you use credit cards too often to shop in the mini market, pay for coffee in a cafe, or pay for taxi transportation online for example, you can make your credit card bills from a little to a hill. We recommend that you use a credit card to pay for other things that are more profitable, but try to always use cash for any payment.


Using a Credit Card for KPR

Using a credit card should be done for payments that are still classified as term the time is not too long, for example you buy a smartphone and installments for 12 months, so it is clear that the payment for the product is still in nominal value which still makes sense in being able to be paid the following month Don’t use a credit card to pay for home installments. This will make you develop the habit of digging a hole close a hole. KPR itself is usually accompanied by a high enough interest, considering that the price of a house that is already high means that the possibility of you paying in installments will be even higher. Imagine if the total mortgage payments still have to be accumulated with credit card interest, of course the price will soar higher. Apart from not being recommended, this has also been banned by BI, which announced that credit cards are prohibited from being used to pay other credit installments. So, indeed the function of a credit card should only be used for payment instruments.


Using a Credit Card for KKB

Using a Credit Card for KKB

Still the same as using a credit card to pay mortgage, using a credit card as a means of paying KKB installments is also not recommended. Installments in motorized vehicle loans, such as cars, have a nominal amount that is not small and carried out over many years. In addition to the KKB interest and credit card interest that have made car prices more expensive, you can also be threatened with being included in bad credit if you do not really pay attention to the ability to pay large amounts of installments. If in the following months the financial condition is disrupted, of course it will affect your installments, while the interest on credit cards and KKB interest will continue and make the price of vehicles more expensive.


Using a Credit Card as a Business Capital

Using a Credit Card as a Business Capital

When you want to start a business, of course you need a lot of capital so that the business can run. One mistake in using a credit card can be seen in this case. Many people use these plastic cards to fund the cost of capital needed in a business. Even though you should n’t use a credit card to pay for your business capital . There are many other options that can be used when starting a business, for example with various business credit programs that have been prepared by banks for small businesses, including micro business units. So, don’t even let your credit card trap you in debt problems just because of business capital.