MEI Loans: Understand How the Process Works

The registration of MEI – Individual Microentrepreneur is an increasingly frequent option for Brazilians who wish to leave the informal sector. It is very common today to take notice of someone who has formalized a small business, tele delivery or handicraft or other activity. Brazilians are becoming more and more entrepreneurs.

And to assist in this endeavor, the loans to MEI can boost your business and give that little hand at the time of the tightening. Check out our post and understand how the process works!


How to get a loan for MEI?

How to get a loan for MEI?

1. Banking Institutions

Basically it is possible to obtain loans to MEI , through banking institutions, however you will have to prove to the bank that you are able to afford the installments of the requested amount.

In addition, it is essential that the documentation of the MEI is current, the banks usually request the following documents:

  • Certificate of Condition of the Individual Microentrepreneur (CCMEI);
  • MEI personal documents (RG and CPF).
  • Proof of residential address of Microentrepreneur.

2. Online loan providers

Nowadays it is possible to obtain loans for MEI , on the internet, where the amounts are credited as personal loans. So you can invest money in your company, or venture.

This type of negotiation usually offers some advantages, such as:

  • 100% online process;
  • Low interest rates;
  • Possibility to invest the credit in your company or in personal matters.

So you can use an individual credit to leverage your business. There are operators that work with or without consignment, you can choose the best option for you.

3. Microcredit

It is a credit line used for smaller amounts, and therefore offers loans to MEI with less bureaucracy. However it is important to emphasize that responsibility must always be considered, where planning is essential for credit to be well applied.


When to apply for loans to MEI?

When to apply for loans to MEI?

The loans for MEI are excellent opportunities for anyone who wants to see their business grow. But that should be used with caution, or you could end up contracting debts that your venture can not afford.

So always make good planning and evaluate whether the loan credit will actually help your business grow. Ponder the pros and cons and assess whether the loans to MEI are viable for your business.

See options in which it is feasible to request a loan for MEI :

  1. Broadens your business (production)
  2. Invest in more modern equipment and machinery
  3. Paying debts of the business and keeping it in the market (important to assess whether it is worth saving the business, the loan, in addition to taking the company out of the difficulty needs to bring return);
  4. Expanding the company fleet
  5. Seize market opportunity;

If you have a microenterprise and are thinking of taking out a loan for MEI , keep in mind that credit needs to help your business grow. So before anything else analyze the current situation. Often adjustments in the company’s planning are enough to make the profit bigger and the loan unnecessary.

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