Need Money: Alternatives To Credit Card And Overdraft

When the pocket tightens, the credit card and the overdraft are usually chosen to have money, are not they? Often this happens automatically because they are simple options to use. The problem is the false sense of having money when using the credit card and overdraft.

In a short time, if there is no financial control required, credit card and overdraft debt grows rapidly. That’s because the credit card and the overdraft have the highest interest rates on the market. But how to get money other than by credit card or overdraft?

Know alternatives to having money and keeping your financial health on track.


Use your ability to earn money

Do you speak English or cooks well? How about taking the time to increase your income? Choose one of your abilities to earn from your own business.

Despite the need to work harder, it is a good choice not to have to resort to credit card and check to have money. Do not forget to formalize like MEI . You can be a registered worker and small business owner at the same time. Enjoy!


Sell ​​Your Used Clothes

Need extra money? Look how can be easier than you think: open your wardrobe and find out what can be useful for other people. Of course, you have a perfect piece of clothing that you do not wear and you are missing the opportunity to make money from it.

Vasculhe, advertise your sale on a website and divulge it to your friends network. Oh, and you can still enjoy the time to organize your things.


Rent your garage

Rent your garage

If you have space left in the garage, renting a place is a way to get extra income. The idea is even better if you already know a person interested in renting a garage, like a neighbor.

Prefer someone who needs the garage at night and does not hinder their exit. It is a simple alternative to make money and can still be an incentive to leave your car at home and save fuel.


Resale products

Resell products is great choice for anyone who has a seller profile and needs extra money. It is important that you have contact with many people interested in the products you want to sell.

Another important criterion is the organization, since you have to manage your sales, otherwise you could have losses and lose money. With the internet, it is even easier to advertise your products and increase your sales.


Be a dog walker

Be a dog walker

Want a better alternative to making money than walking with dogs? You can be a dog walker in the off hours and have an extra incentive to walk. You have fun, take care of your health and still increase your income. It’s not too much?

To get started, take a dog walker course and be a certified professional. You have option of online course. Then report it to the neighborhood. Those who live in a building are more likely to win more customers.


Organize a bingo at home

Bingo among friends is an alternative to earning extra money as well as being a fun way to get your friends together.

Think of an interesting and engaging theme that most of your friends might enjoy. For example: craft beers, geeks products or beauty products.

You can create a Facebook event to invite your friends and promote bingo products. The idea of ​​bingo is to profit and still have fun!


Enjoy the seasonal dates

Easter, June party, Valentine’s Day and Christmas are timely times to earn extra money. You can take advantage of the seasonal dates to sell the “homemade taste” that many love.

Nowadays, on the internet, you can easily find step-by-step tutorials to sell products online. And the best: you will not need to spend much to start. Schedule for the periods, use creativity and enjoy social networking to increase your sales.


Rent a room

Do you have an empty room at home? How about renovating, decorating and leaving the perfect space to be rented? Renting a room temporarily is a good alternative to make money, especially if you live in a place where it attracts national and international tourists.

To do this, simply create an account on Airbnb, online platform for shared hosting. Explore the site to understand its operation well.


Ask for a loan

Use your ability to earn money

To take cash and get away from high interest credit card or overdraft, borrowing a personal loan is a good way out. But you can apply for a personal loan for another purpose, such as to renovate the home or to pay off debts and organize personal finances.

When you opt for personal loan, you are choosing to pay less interest, with installments that fit in your pocket and do not weigh in the monthly budget.


Count on GCI Credit

At ADC Credit, you find your best personal loan, quickly, safely and free of charge. Your personal loan application is evaluated by our partners, and you pay nothing for it.

What’s more, you have the chance to receive several proposals and choose the one that best meets your need. Want a simpler alternative to not having to resort to credit card and overdraft? Count on GCI Credit!


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