Negative Loan

Generally, when you will apply for a loan , the financial institution consults with the credit protection agencies whether or not you are under the negative name .

If it is, two things happen: Most financiers deny credit, and the ones they provide charge higher interest than if you had the name ‘clean’. But it is possible to get loan to negativado and clear your name from Serasa and SPC .


Loan Options for Negative

There are 3 credit modalities that fit for those who have problems ‘in the market’ and with very low interest rates (around 2% to 3%), however you need to be in one of the groups below:


For Retirees and Pensioners of the INSS or Employees and Public Servants  

Loan Options for Negative

Payroll Loan where the payment of the credit will be linked directly or to the benefit (in the case of retiree or INSS pensioner) or in the Payroll (for Employees or public servants).


For those who own a property and removed

Refinancing Real Estate where you can put your property into the loan guarantee you need.


For those who own a vehicle and have it removed

Loan with Vehicle Refinance where you place your vehicle as collateral for the loan you need.

In the first option, it is necessary that you fit into some of these requirements: be retired or pensioner ; official of a public company or employee of a private company with an agreement in a banking institution.

Other forms of negative loan have higher interest rates and are not recommended. Financial institutions charge more of those who already have a history of non-payment, because they see in them a greater risk of not paying the installments. To offset the risk, they charge more.

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The opposite is also true, the interest for those who do not have negative name are cheaper, because the financial institution sees them as good payers. Thus, the risk of not receiving is less.

It is best to renegotiate or take out your debts to get back a healthy and good credit! So the best way is to do everything possible to honor the debts and not stick with the ‘ dirty name ‘. But, if this has happened, it is wise to seek the institution or company you owe and try to renegotiate the debt.

From the moment the customer renegotiates his debt to the lender, usually from 3 business days his name is removed from the register of credit protection companies. With this, you get cheaper loans .

But, it is important that when renegotiating your debt to the lender, do so in a way that can honor the commitments. That is, look at your home budget carefully and make the decision based on your ability to pay.

Perhaps the best way is to look for longer installments, with smaller installments, but that you have the capacity to pay. If you do, be careful not to get into debt more than you can afford again.

Keeping your name clean , you have access to more affordable interest credit lines and you can more easily achieve your consumer dreams.


CCPS online consultation

uSecure CCPS (Central Credit Protection Service) offers the CPF free consultation service through the Positive Consumer portal.

To find out what condition your name is (clean or dirty), simply access the portal, make a registration that will generate a login and password, and consult your CPF safely. There are no query limits.


Care for anyone who is denied

Care for anyone who is denied

When applying for a loan it is very important to stay alert with companies that take advantage of the time of need of people to carry out scams.

It is very important to research well before you take out credit and not pay any amount before getting your loan. And stay tuned to these tips so you do not fall into loan scams over the internet.

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