Utilizing Credit Card Promos in Ramadan. Is It Plunging?

Not felt, in just a matter of weeks we will enter the month of Ramadan. The month is full of blessings, as well as a month full of expenses. Uniquely, even this month there are also various credit card promos that you can use to get various items at a much easier price. However, on the one hand you also need to be careful, because if not a credit card promo can even backfire. Instead of appearing as a solution to be more economical, you are even more wasteful.


Credit Card Promo in Ramadan

Credit Card Promo in Ramadan


Reporting from Kontan, there are various credit card promos that you can use to get cheaper prices. For example, XXV credit card promos vary from homecoming needs that can be found in travel agents, hotels, and clothing needs and household needs with a 0% installment program.

On HNN credit card promos, you can also get the best prices for various products in the travel, restaurant and clothing categories. In the dining category, of course, it will be very beneficial, especially if you plan to do a show with family and closest friends. Merchants who are collaborated in HNN credit card promos are also quite interesting, including Shaburi, Kintan, Pepper Lunch, Bakerzin, The Duck King, and Fook Yew.

Similar to YYX credit card promos, this one bank also offers promotions for all types of transactions, ranging from restaurants, supermarkets, travel agents, online shopping, and its services. With YYX credit card promos, you can enjoy promotions ranging from discounts, free products, to attractive installments.


Get around credit card promos to avoid being wasteful

Get around credit card promos to avoid being wasteful


After knowing the various promos that are available and quite interesting, the next question is whether to use credit card promos for shopping in Ramadan? Can this not lead to waste?


Use as needed

The many attractive promotions offered by various banks in Indonesia ahead of the Ramadan moment are indeed very interesting. However, keep in mind to not be too impulsive using a credit card. For example, a credit card that you have works with a particular restaurant that can provide a discount on each of your visits. However, that does not mean you have to increase the frequency of events open together, right? Imagine if you did not choose wisely, there would be excessive spending. In fact, you can also open a program together at home, or in another restaurant that basically has a cheaper menu price. This applies also to clothing and expenses in the field of travel.


Check the original price from now

Wisely Using a Credit Card

Not infrequently, some merchants who are ignorant raise the base price first, so the final price charged by the promo is not much different from the initial price of the product. Indeed, not all stores use such ignorant methods, but as a preventive measure it is better to check the price of the product you really want to buy from now on, so that the promotion offered can be utilized more leverage.


Focus on the items you need

Even though there are many promotions that are scattered, still don’t be easily tempted to shop for many products. You must focus on products that are needed. For example, you have already prepared funds to buy a ticket back and forth to Sulawesi, which costs quite a lot. Focus on allocating funds for these expenses. Even though at the credit card issuing bank you have promos on other types of products, for example eating at certain restaurants, avoid using them. This function is to further suppress spending in order to stay in control and not be overdone.


Wisely Using a Credit Card

Considering whether or not the need to use a credit card to take advantage of various attractive promotions in the actual month of Ramadan must be returned to self-policy. It is undeniable, you must take into account the ability to pay bills at the end of the month. Don’t make late payments. As much as possible, make payments before maturity to avoid late penalties and interest charged. If indeed you have an adequate budget to make payments, it doesn’t hurt to take advantage of the various promos. Happy shopping!

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